Chef’s Special Dishes

Generally Mild to Medium, can be made hotter on request.
Contains Nuts, Mustard and Dairy 
(For Lamb Tikka £1.00 extra)


Chicken Tikka Almashriqi (topped with Spinach)  (Dairy and Mustard) £9.95
Chicken Tikka Badami (smooth sauce with cashew nuts)  (Dairy, Nuts and Mustard) £9.95
Chicken Tikka Khadary (cooked with spicy minced meat(Dairy and Mustard) £9.95
Butter Chicken Tikka (mild, creamy and buttery dish)  (Dairy and Mustard) £9.95
English Chicken Tikka (Dairy and Mustard)
(cooked with smooth sauce, fried potatoes and cheese)
Garlic Chicken Tikka  (Dairy and Mustard) £9.95
Chicken Tikka Makani (slightly hot (2*) (Dairy and Mustard Celery in tomatoe sauce)
cooked with thin sliced Chicken Tikka and fresh Ginger with tomato sauce.  
Chicken Tikka Noorjahan (Dairy and Mustard)
(creamy sauce with boiled eggs and cheese) 
Chicken Tikka Rangeela (Dairy and Mustard)
(medium, thin slices of Chicken Tikka garnished with fried Capsicums)