Alishaan’s Own Recipe -Exclusive Menu


Alishaan’s Exclusive Menu
 Chef’s own recipe

Our Chef has been working over 25 years in the catering and hospitality industry. Drawing upon his vast experience and expertise using the best ingredients to create authentic Indian and Bangladeshi dishes exclusive to the Alishaan Indian Restaurant.

Allergen Contain= Dairy, Mustard, ( Seafood contain = Crustaceans)

Naga Special (Madras hot 5*)  (Dairy, Mustard)
Cooked with slices of  Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka with selected spices and Bangladeshi chillies, fried  with Garlic,Capsicums and fried Onions, sprinkled with fresh Coriander and chillies.
Roshni Massala (M) (Dairy, Mustard)
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka, cooked with diced  Green Peppers & Onions along
with Fresh Fried Garlic and medium spices, sprinkled with fresh Coriander.
Akbori King Prawns (2*) (Dairy, Mustard, Crustaceans)
Succulent King Prawns cooked in the Tandoori Clay Oven with exotic herbs &
spices marinated with yoghurt. Cooked in our very own sweet chilli sauce
Monjila Chicken Tikka (Madras hot 5*) (Dairy, Mustard)
Small pieces of Chicken Tikka with green chilli, fresh Ginger and coriander,
with a zest of Lemon, garnished with salad on top, gives a delicious taste.

Sultan Special (Medium) (Chicken, Meat and Prawn)

Cooked with Garlic , Onion, fresh coriander with a mixture of spices,
garnished with sliced Tomato and Cucumber.

Alishaan Special Grill (Fairly hot 2*) (Dairy, Mustard)
Cooked with pulled Chicken Tikka fried with capsicums, Onions , sliced Garlic, Green Chillies,
coriander in a selected blend of herbs and spices.

Bengel Special (Madras hot 5*) (Dairy, Mustard)
Cooked with thin strips of Tandoori Chicken pulled off the bone, along with sliced Garlic, Ginger, Capsicums, Onions, Green Chillies in a special Tamarind sauce, served with fresh coriander.