(All chicken are Breast of Chicken)
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Curry...(M) (all basic range of spices mixed together to five a medium taste)
Madras...(5*) ( A southern indian dish with a hot and spicy taste. prepared with fresh lemon juice)
Vindaloo...(10*) ( A southern indian dish, well known for its very hot taste curry cooked with potatoes)
Phall...(30*) ( Extremely hot spicy dish with a fiery hot taste)
Kurma... ( A distinctive mild curry with ground almond, coconuts & cream, a milder option for people whose palates are a little more delicate)
Bombay... (1*) ( A slightly spicy rich flavoured curry, cooked with boiled Egg and potatoes)
Dupiza... (M) ( This dish is prepared using plenty of herbs and spices, with fried cubes of onions)
Ceylon... (5*) ( This dish is different from others, using hot spices and desicated coconuts to give a coconutty flavour)
Bhoona... (M) ( This is one of the most popular indian curry, which is very strong in flavour, with a thick medium spiced sauce)
Rogon-josh...(1*) ( An authentic rogan josh is delicately spiced and cooked to its distinctive red colour with the use of sweet pimentoes)




Chicken Tikka ............
Lamb Tikka ........
Vegetable or Mushroom ....
Prawn ...................


King Prawn ...................

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